Our 3 Pillars

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Without the chance to socialize, the knowledge that we gain from our courses and internships would do us no good. Learn to network with other SFSU organizations, students, and faculty through Delta Sigma Pi. Expand your resources, and learn to utilize all of your connections. Our campus is a “commuter campus”, which can make it difficult to build your network. What better way to bridge the commuter gap than to join an organization with as much to offer as Delta Sigma Pi?

Professional Development

Our chapter prides itself on its professional development. From etiquette luncheons to social networking, Delta Omicron has it all. We strive to help our brothers put their best feet forward in the business world. Learning to be professional is much more than choosing the right suit, it takes time and experience to fully develop your professional skills. Delta Sigma Pi is the perfect learning arena for college students hoping to enter into a professional environment.


Delta Sigma Pi offers more than something to do in college. Delta Sigma Pi helps you grow professionally and personally throughout your lifetime. Staying involved is a great way to give back and make an impact in your community. You can join an alumni chapter for service and networking opportunities, volunteer on a national or local level, or attend Delta Sigma Pi events. You define the level of involvement that works for you and the type of impact you want to have. Delta Sigma Pi is not just for four years; it’s for life!